Saraswati Mela

Dialogues with Creativity – Sapanpakhi

There is an age old Aboriginal folk tale that says the many centuries and millenniums ago, at the beginning of time, the sky was pressed against the Earth. No one could see the Sun and thus there was perpetual darkness. The human beings of that time were doomed to crawl on all their limbs and eat whatever they could dig up from the soil. Life was miserable.  One day, all the birds came together and decided that something needed to be done. So they took sticks in their beaks and flew together, lifting the sky and allowing the Sun to shine- thus illuminating the world. Then there was light. I believe that this age old tale is a reality of every time. We are enveloped in darkness and the human who just like the birds are not afraid to fly, lift the sky and allow the light to flow. Throughout history there have been people who have strived and achieved through various endeavours to lift the sky for all of humanity. In Sapanpakhi- The birds of dreams, I chronicle the personal stories of people who are not afraid to be unconventional and are working to add beauty and light to this world. They are the people following their calling and preserving and making and walking down the path of creativity. By the end of it, I hope that there is a lot more light in this world and everyone's sky is expanded high enough.